pewag elevates its lifting solutions portfolio with D.line heavy duty shackles

We are thrilled to bring you news from the world of lifting and rigging!

Introducing our latest product line - the pewag D.line heavy duty shackles.


Explore the pewag D.line heavy duty shackles:

  1. pewag D.line (P285): Engineered for strength and precision, these shackles
    are your go-to solution for lifting operations up to an impressive weight of 1500 tonnes. Trust in the reliability and performance that defines the pewag standard.
  2. pewag D.line Plus (P485): Taking strength to new heights, our Plus series
    is crafted from higher-strength materials, offering impeccable performance
    with reduced dimensions and weight. Ideal for applications where higher loads are a necessity.
  3. pewag D.line Star (P685): Unmatched in low-temperature conditions,
    the Star series is meticulously designed to perform flawlessly in challenging environments.


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Quality and Compliance:

Rest assured, all our pewag heavy duty shackles meet and exceed all relevant design and quality requirements.

Your safety is our top priority, and our shackles are a testament to our commitment to excellence.


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